PBM Technical Services

A small independent garage with an efficient personal service where product knowledge is the norm not the exception.

MOT Testing
PBM Technical Services can arrange an MOT through a fully accredited MOT testing centre next door. They are fully up to date with the latest computerised MOT testing.

Engine Management
Most modern cars now have on board computers that monitor the engine for problems. Sometimes these management systems can go wrong advising the driver of faults that don’t actually exist. It may be a case of rebooting the system to clear the misdiagnosis. At PBM technical services we use full computer diagnostic equipment to identify these problems. Our equipment is compatible with a all the major vehicle brands.

Vehicle Electrics
Electrics in cars today are a lot more sophisticated than they used to be. There tends to be a lot more connections, circuits as a lot of the elements and functions in your car now run of the electrics. PBM technical services utilise our high class diagnostic equipment so we can access the on board computers to determine the problem extremely quickly saving you time and money.

Mechanics / Servicing
Keeping a car fully serviced is extremely important to make sure no major problems occur later on down the line. A fully serviced car tend to be more economic as well as reaching a higher price when coming to sell.

Air Conditioning
To work as effectively as possible in our ever warming climate the air conditioning in your car needs to be regularly serviced to ensure it is running at its optimum levels.

Wheels and Suspension Alignment
It is very important to have your wheels aligned precisely. If this is not the case it can dramatically affect the performance of your car and can also cause unnecessary wear and tear on the tyre costing you more money in the long run.

PBM Technical services use modern laser alignment equipment for ultimate precision.

Engine / Transmission Overhauls
An engine overhaul means putting the engine back to factory specifications, which generally involves new piston rings, bearings and gaskets. When completed, the engine will perform as new.

Other services
We can also offer specialist services including parts, window tinting, wheel repairs and more. Contact Us to see what we can do for you.

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